Our Vision

UNITE HERE, a union representing over 250,000 hospitality and manufacturing workers across North America, is committed to full equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) people. Our union was the first to ratify a comprehensive statement in support of civil and economic rights for LGBT people, and we contributed significant funds and organizing resources to defeating Proposition 8 in California. In both the United States and Canada, members of our union have worked to build a powerful coalition between the LGBT and labor communities in our quest for fair and equal treatment of all individuals.

Sleep With The Right People is a collaboration between UNITE HERE and the LGBT community, working jointly to use our power as consumers to ensure that hotels respect their workers. LGBT travelers spend over $60 billion a year on business and recreational travel, and major hotel chains spend millions of dollars annually on advertising that specifically targets the gay market. Our coalition is calling on members of the LGBT community to “Sleep With The Right People” by honoring picket lines, respecting boycotts at various hotels across North America, and whenever possible patronizing unionized hotels when traveling.

We are stronger together than alone when combating wealthy individuals and corporations, who stand in the way of us achieving full civil and economic equality.

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A message from Cleve Jones

"Thirty five years ago, when the Teamsters at Golden Colorado went on strike against the Coors beer brewery, they were fighting back against racism and sexism and anti-labor attitudes, and they were fighting back against the Coors family that was giving millions of dollars to every right-wing campaign you could think of. It was then that visionary leaders of our movement like Harvey Milk and Morris Kite joined forces with the Teamsters, and we drove Coors beer out of every gay bar in North America. Decades later the Coors family is still a right-wing family, but they feel obliged every year to give money to LGBT youth programs and HIV/AIDS patients. Now why do you think they do that? It’s because we’ve got power. We’ve got the power of our voices, and we’ve got the power of our money and our wallet.

"Today, we are continuing the important work that Harvey Milk began, building a powerful alliance between the labor movement and the LGBT rights movement. We are in this for the long haul, we know we’re not going to win our rights overnight, and we also understand that rights have never been willingly granted to minority communities unless they're willing to stand up and fight and demand the equal protection under the law that is guaranteed to all Americans."

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